Google Play, here we go!

01 Jan 2018

SpaceViewer has a proof of concept and it is online! An Android app accesible to a large number of devices to allow air passengers take more out of their trips.

By this means, SpaceViewer becomes the first augmented reality (AR) camera for in-flight utilisation. From the airplane window unveil and follow mountains, islands, rivers, lakes, cities, big monuments, anywhere in the world your plain is flying over... without internet connection !

A brand new on-board entertainment app to discover, learn and contemplate the earth from the air through any (near) window seat. Enjoy an immersive experience when flying.

Don't hesitate to provide your feedback on the initial product. And if you'd like to be part of this adventure that is taking off, your CV or Linkedin profile is welcome (

SpaceViewer has offices in Europe and South America, and is hiring a multidisciplinary team for the next steps of the project.