A flight trajectory was the unexpected challenge

25 May 2018

The SpaceViewer's geoprojection technology is maturing at a great pace and was put under a hard test after the challenge presented by an user.

Accustom to recover from FlightRadar24 (FR24) the trajectories of every flight he takes (he does this for fun and collection of personal flight stats), he found that most of a trip over the Patagonia was too poorly covered by the FR24 service.

Apparently, the type of transponder installed on the Embraer airplane and the abscence of nearby ground receivers created these large periods of flight data blackouts. After visiting the SpaceViewer Aerial Atlas, he contacted us with the challenge of recovering the flight trajectories from tens of images he took along the trip. Of course, the pictures were not geotagged what made things a little bit more difficult.

Few hours later, SpaceViewer's geoprojection engine got a pretty beautiful result that nicely corresponds to those zones where FR24 data was available.